Author's vocabulary

Learn foreign words from books, films and songs

Study only necessary words and word combinations

learn only words you really need to achieve your goals: to read a book, watch a film, listen to the song. Proper books(films) will help you build the vocabulary that you need in everyday speech.

Learning in a natural way

is achieved thanks to the speech recognition and reproduction technology.

Only real examples

the app automatically composes the list of examples from the source materials and attaches them to the word or word combination being learned.

Create tasks in a simple and easy way

what you need is to select source materials that suit the topic and learning direction – the app will do the rest for you

Flexible managing of learning progress

choose study materials that are the most interesting for you. Books, magazines, music – choose yourself!

How it works?

1. Look for dictionaries

The app is compatible with dictionaries of *.dict format that are used by such free dictionaries' shells as GoldenDict and StarDict.

2. Import dictionaries into Author's vocabulary

3. Create a vocabulary( list of words to learn)

As a source of information, you can use books, film subtitles, songs lyrics … everything that can be in a text format.

4. Memorize words

5. Check your knowledge